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New packaging  AIS Multilayer XPRT! 

We introduce the new packaging AIS Multilayer XPRT, but firs at all web want to introduce you the carbon footprint efects.

imageonline co whitebackgroundremoved 38The carbon footprint is a set of greenhouse gas emissions produced directly or indirectly by people, organizations, products, events or geographic regions, in terms of CO2 equivalent.

For our calculations we will take the following data:

1kg plastic production - 3.5kg CO2 emission  (data obtained from https://plataformazeo.com/es/cuanto-co2-emite-el-plastico/)

1kg of cardboard - emission of 0.326kg CO2 (data obtained from https://envanature.com/blogs/noticias/la-huella-de-carbono-de-los-envases-de-cartón)

carbon footprint emission



A biodegradable packaging, eliminating plastic bags, which allows us to make a more responsible use of natural resources, minimizing the impact they generate on the environment and being more sustainable.

For this we have worked on:


They are made with recyclable and biodegradable raw materials in their entirety.


With its manufacture, assembly line and transport we have minimized to reduce the carbon footprint by 60%, more than 3 tons of CO2.


We have thought about the design so that it can be given several useful lives before recycling it.


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